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Submitted on
May 21, 2007
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Shrouded truth
Fact and Fiction
The line is goneÖ.

Whatís real!
Whatís not?
I no longer know
I lost sight
A long time ago

I need an escape!
An escape to the truth
I need the facts
So I can separete fiction

Please O please!
Iím down on my knees
God please tell me
What is my destiny?

Where do I belong!
Where do I belong!
Where do I belong!

Iím going mad!
I simply do not understand
What is my purpose
Here on your earth
Please God guide me
Point me!

I need a sign!
I need a sign!
I need a sign!

Please O please
Iím down on my knees
Begging you
Tell me
And tell me true
What is fact and what is fiction?

I do not know!
I no longer know!
Help me!
Help me!
Iím on my knees!

Is there no purpose for me?
Do I simply take up space?
Do I simply take up air?
What purpose do I serve
Here on this earthÖ.

I know of one escape
Please donít let it be my only escape
There is bullet waiting
The barrel is at my head

Is this my escape?
Do I not serve a purpose here on earth?
I canít be so
Yet it seems that it is.

No! No!
It can not be so!
I want to live!
But to live without a purpose?
I may as well be dead.

I need a hero
I need a sign
A shining light
A crack of Thunder
Snow in July
I donít care which just give me a sign!

Save me from these lies!
I canít take it anymore!

I am kneeling in a puddle
Of my own tear
Save me please!
I need a purpose!

A reason to live!
A reason to live!
A reason to live!

Give my reason
Scatter these lies to the winds
A want the truth!
Why am I here God!
Why am I here!

Kneeling in a puddle
I cried
A desperately need

A sign.
Save me from my self rightous suicide.

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DarkDragonGirl May 23, 2007  Student Digital Artist
*pats your back* I think every teen goes through this kind of anguish in their life. You're not alone.

... :hug: I hope you feel better! This is really a good and emotional poem!!
ReaperClamp May 22, 2007  Student Traditional Artist
Whoa that is so amazing you are ment for poetry! I love how you spill your emotion out on the page. You are truely ment for this!
Crownjo May 21, 2007  Professional Photographer
Easily relatable, at leats to me anyways.
: )
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