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Now was the time to test if this young squire was truly ready to be called a Knight of Lacroa, a servant of Mana. The son of Zero the Winged Knight stood in the middle of the crowd currently kneeling to Princess Rele. The royalty says nothing to the youth at first then lifts one hand, “Rise, Celestin. Call forth your weapon. Prove to me you are truly a servant to Mana and she has deemed you ready to defend Lacroa as a Royal Knight.”

“Yes,milady,” Celestin answers and stands on his feet before taking a moment and hovering slightly above the ground, white and gold wings standing on slight display from his back but still folded. Raising his right hand, the blue gundam calls to the heavens as the sunlight bounces from the simplistic flame designs upon his armor. “O'Mana! I call to you! Present to me thy weapon of choosing!”

Zero had long since pass away at the hands of an unidentified dark cloud that swept across Skylark destroying both it and the entire planet in a matter of hours. Only two survivors emerged, Azural, who was badly injured and now minus her left arm. The other being Celestin, at the time nothing more then a terrified child. Celestin was brought to Lacroa and taken under the wing of Tunk, one of the Royal Gundam Knights. For years he trained with his mentor and the other knights. Fueled by honoring his father, to prevent any darkness that would dare emerge from a dark cloud that took his family from repeating on any other world if he could so help it.

And now was time to prove he was ready.

At first, nothing happened. Celestin could here his father's voice whispering, 'Concentrate. Feel Mana flowing within, to and from your hand'. He remembers Tunk's vivid instructions, 'Do not think of a particular weapon, keep your mind open, Mana will choose what she deems best for you'. The youth could feel it. Energy flowing from him and into the sky, summoning first a small circle, then a second larger circle which encompassed that. Several symbols appear between the two rings, slowly glowing to life and spinning in time with the rings. Celestin's concentration started to waver and the circle starts to dull. Just a bit more, keep focusing! The circle comes back to life, and sudden four spears seem to pierce across the surface creating a spinning cross that spins opposite the symbols.

The summoning circle was in place, Celestin could feel himself start to waver, growing exhausted at keeping the spell afloat. He had to keep going. He was so close, just a little bit longer. The very, and currently empty, center glows brightly drawing the magic from the circle towards it Celestin twists his wrist to better catch whichever would be granted to him, he could almost see it! A s- no no let Mana choose. It is her choice!

The onlookers of royalty and knights start to share a grimace. It was taking to long, soon Celestin wouldn't even be able to stand under his own power. IF something didn't occur soon, Rele was ready to halt the presentation.

'You have done well my son.

“Father?” Celestin asks still looking at the circle swearing he just heard Zero's voice.

'Take thy weapon in hand. Use it well.'

A shield an sword emerge from the circle and drops into reality. A gift from the Goddess of Mana herself granted onto a Royal Knight. Celestin cups his hand under the handle, catching the heavy object. The weight proves to great, the young squire let out a yelp as he's suddenly pulled back to the ground, landing squarely atop his arm and the shield, wings outstretched in a fail attempt to catch himself. A couple of the onlookers snicker at the sight. The spell took to long, he could not even lift the chosen weapon.

Tunk suddenly calls out, “Stand up, boy! Show us your weapon!”

They were laughing at him, Celestin was humiliated But he couldn't give up now.  He pulls his knees under him and tries to lift the heavy weapon but no good.  Next he tries both hands on the shield grip and on one knee but still it stays on the ground. With a grunt he grabs the sword handle sticking out of the shield, perhaps if he could get some leverage. Again no good, even with both feet digging into the earth the weapon remains face down on the ground, and the squire bent over the heavy metal object.

“What good is a knight if he cannot even lift his weapon,” he hears the Princess speak, but Celestin doesn't lift his head to acknowledge it.

With a grunt, he tries adding his wings into the equation, hopping to give him the strength he needed to lift the shield. But alas even that was no good. He could hear the other mocking him, so close to victory and yet so terribly far. Celestin looks down at his red soul stone and closes his blue eyes. The image of his father, Zero, pulling the sword from the shield and twirling it as if the object was as light as a feather.

Wait! That was it! Celestin opens his eyes and grips the shield with his left hand, his right clasps the sword handle. Though still on the ground, he turns the shield slightly to the right, next he shuffles his feet and holds his wings at half mast. With a cry of renewed power, he pulls the sword from the shield, scoops the shield off the ground twirls on his feet and uses his wings to carry to momentum, Celestin preforms a full circle turn, flames momentary lick from his body and let's out a battle shout, holding the shield before him, it's size nearly matching him. His left hand holds a steady grip, though he could feel his lower arm quivering under the weight. In his right hand he holds the sword to the sky, turning it to catch the light. His wings spread to their full length, fire from his elemental powers granted by his mother erupt down their length briefly

The gathered crowd gasps in shock, that shield! That sword! That was impossible. Celestin, unaware of exactly which shield and sword he now holds smirks under his face mask in triumph, “Princess Rele, I Celestin stand ready to serve you as a Royal Knight of Lacroa!”

Rele quickly regains herself, “It would seem Zero is not as gone as we once believed.”

This statement confuses the new knight, Celestin blinking once, “Huh?”

“Lad!” Tunk calls out, “Look at your weapons!”

Celestin sits the shield on its lower edge and tilts it towards him, “Wait... this....” He lowers his right hand and holds out the heavy sword before him suddenly recognizing the hilt, “The Vatras Sword? But... this was the Weapon given to Zero the Winged Knight. I though these weapons only had one owner.”

An old priest chuckles, “It is simple as to what has happened my boy! Zero has returned to Mana, this we all know. Just as a son inherits his father's possessions, Mana as deemed it fitting to pass on Zero's weapon in the hands of his son, Celestin.”

The King nods, “The weapon that stood beside the Savior of Lacroa now sits in the hands of his son. Use them well, Celestin, Knight of Flames.”

Celestin pulls his shocked stare from the weapon and kneels before his majesty, plunging the sword's tip into the solid ground, “As you command your Highness. I, Celestin, Knight of Flames, do here by swear my duty to protect all of Lacroa against any dark force who would so dare to raise its head against us!”

Celestin's Right of Passage has come. To become a Royal Knight like of of his deceased father. What weapon will be granted to him.

Pre - Yakunan Rijunn
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oh that was funny to read anyways well done on this story =3
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