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Transformers R.I.D. Initial Thoughts

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 15, 2015, 12:34 AM
So I've been watching the first few episodes of the new transformers series online and so far, I'm not as wowed as I was by Transformers Prime. This series Bumblebee takes command as the team leader but he is the only returning Autobot from Transformers Prime, currently, despite this seeming to be set x years after the events of Transformers Prime. You see glimpses of Optimus but nothing substantial as of yet. Bumblebee trying to live up to Optimus's leadership is hilarious to watch but at the same time I can't help but feel slightly embarrassed when he goes over board in one episode.

As for the newcomers this time around, Bee's team is made up of Strongarm, a police cadet in training; Sideswipe, a small time vandal/punk; Grimlock, everyone's favorite Dinobot; and Fix-It, a mini-con warden/ prison ship pilot, and the two humans Denny, and Russel.

Strongarm I like so far, she's a teenager that's eager to please Lieutenant  Bumblebee and a stickler for the rules. So far she is guaranteed to quote a rule from the handbook at least once per episode including the rule's number (ie: Cybertron Code 13-093). 

Sideswipe so far seems to be playing the role of rebellious teenager and was considered a small time vandel/punk as previously mentioned. He becomes quick friends with Russel, the token human boy this series, and overall, he could care less about any missions and appears to be doing them to maybe cut his sentence short or he just has nothing else to do and wants to fight Decepticons. Currently, him and Strongarm fight like siblings and Bumblebee having to play Papa to get them to stop. Overall, he's an alright character so far and a good dramatic foil to Strongarm.

Grimlock is the obvious heavy hitter of the group but has had his intelligence increased this time around. He likes to punch enemies and is sadden when he can't join a fight. Grimlock doesn't speak in third person and actually makes full sentences, even if they are very short. Personal thoughts, I love him so far, he's the big and tough but can show a caring side, and also takes care of business when it comes down to it.
As for Fix-It, I don't have much to say about this mini-con yet. He's basically the information expert in identifying the escaped Decepticon prisoners, and predicting the enemy's next move provided that he can track them. Otherwise, he seems to be present as a comic relief character with a stutter who rambles and has to be reminded to get back on track.
As for the humans, you have the father-son duo of Denny (father) and Russel aka Rusty (son). Russel currently plays as the socially awkward kid who's bored and bummed that he's having to stay with his father in the Scrap yard while his mom is away on business. This relationship makes me think that Denny and his wife are divorced but nothing has been confirmed as of yet but it is strongly hinted at during Russel's first appearance. OF course, once Russel meets the Autobots, his life is suddenly awesome and he doesn't mind staying in the Scrap Yard with his dad.

As for Denny, he comes off as a typical funny dad, I think he might be an artist who uses scrap as his medium. Denny is full of ideas that prove helpful to the Autobots from disguising himself so they can get into restricted areas or providing them with cover within the scrap yard. But he has shown that he is a good father, in the sense that he wants his son to make friends and can be seen protecting Russel when the series first begins by shielding his son from shattering glass. As for the father-son relationship, it seems pretty average. They neither hate each other nor overly love each other. Denny urges Russel to do things and encourages him and Russel pushes back when he doesn't want to do something. Of course, when one does something good, whether it's kicking a field goal or show off a new idea, they do praise each other.

Now for the Decepticons. Currently there is no Decepticon team. Just a rag tag bunch of Maximum Security Prisoners that escaped when Fix-It's ship crashed on Earth. So far, they all share an animal theme, from a bulldog, to a shark, and even a spider or a lobster. Possibly this a semi continuation of the Beast Hunters idea by having all the Decepticons being animal like and having animal based alternate modes. Even Grimlock, a former Decepticon only has his t-rex alternate mode. But it makes me wonder, why the heck did Megatron recruit all of these animal based 'Cons, but I'm probably overthinking Hasbro logic. The only Decepticon of noticeable mention is Steeljaw, a wolf Decepticon and that could possibly gear up to be this series Megatron, provided Megatron/Galvatron himself doesn't appear.

So far, eh I like it. Worth a watch if you're a transformers fan. Much more lighthearted then the darker Transformers Prime. The art style is pretty neat but I think they went overboard with making the Cybertronians super shiny. In some shots all you see of their armor is a glare instead of the actual color. Plus you would think after rolling around in dirt while fighting they wouldn't be so shiny anymore. But that's just me being nitpicky. I believe it just started in USA and there are some episodes online currently, so go check it out.



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HidanKitten32 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
Hi. I'd like to make a OC based on your Shatter Glass story (I'll give you the shout out/props) but I need a reminder/information on the Silas there; if you don't mind
FennFeatherDragon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sure I don't mind at all. What do you need?
HidanKitten32 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015
Thank you :3 pretty much just info on Silas before the war and what he is/is doing during it. I remember he is partnered with Fowler but I can't remember otherwise

The OC I am doing is his step daughter so that is why I'd like the information 
FennFeatherDragon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Before the war Silas was a commander for a secret government unit basically used as cleanup to keep the peace and keep the American citizens happy and unaware of any military doings. When word of an alien menace aka the Autobots and Decepticons, Silas and his unit was called to Washington D.C.  where they teamed up with Fowler and his men and formed M.E.C.H. With M.E.C.H. Silas is the muscle and Fowler the brains but he can be kind hearted and cares about his unit's safety. 

Aside from that I haven't really fleshed out Shattered Glass Silas or Fowler.
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