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So for one class I'm taking this semester, we are playing a type of role playing game on the topic of the Trial of Galileo. Those who do not know, Galileo was deemed a heretic by the Catholic Church around 1640 for saying the Earth went around the Sun and died in house arrest. The Church did not change it's mind/agree with Galileo until 1938, nearly 300 years afterwards.

My role in this history game is a Moderate Professor of Philosophy. Basically I do not agree that the Church is correct nor do I agree that the Lichen (pro-Galileo party) is correct and I want to seek a compromise along with my other fellow Moderates which include a math professor and two Cardinals. That was, up until last night.

Last night the Game Master aka the Teacher, sent me a secret paper saying that I am infact not a Moderate, that is only a ruse to keep myself from burning at the stake. In fact, I am a supporter of Bruno, a man deemed a heretic and burned at the stake for claiming the universe was infinite, that God existed everywhere in our own Sun and in the stars and not just outside the universe, for claiming that the earth orbits the sun, and a slew of other things. He was a Sun worshipper. And I am his student who seeks not only revenge but desire to spread the word of this great man. My job now, in order to win, I must undermine the Catholic Church, spread Bruno's word via pamphlets and my own anonymous publications, and also survive. If I am caught or examined (tortured) by the inquisition, there is a 5 in 6 chance I will say what I truly am and will burn at the stake. There is a 1 in 6 chance that I will not speak but then there is a chance I die during torture. My only saving grace is to either earn myself a 'pateron credit' or convince my faction to use the one we already have to save me should the inquisition come for me.

So I now have two roles, I must maintain my Moderate mask in order to appease them and survive the game. But, I must also spread Bruno's word to the people of Italy and do so anonymously. With the printing presses being watched over by the Church and one false step or misspoken word revealing my true self as a Bruno supporter, I am in one hell of a tight spot. With any luck, I hope to pin some targets on the Lichen faction, who are already trying to dodge being called heretics. If I can win over some of the intermediates (four in total, all Cardinals I think) I will have an edge that I need to survive. 

This should be fun.


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do you still remember our old notes??
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I know I'm mostly gone but I still wish to say, hello
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Hi. I'd like to make a OC based on your Shatter Glass story (I'll give you the shout out/props) but I need a reminder/information on the Silas there; if you don't mind
FennFeatherDragon Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Sure I don't mind at all. What do you need?
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